Market Overview:

In 1980, cultivated shrimp had 2% of the world market. Within a decade, in 1990, that figure jumped to 35% with 2.5 million acres in cultivation. By the year 2000, it is estimated that cultivated shrimp are conservatively projected to have 50% of the U.S.A., European and Japanese market.

In the world market white shrimp are the preferred species. Florida Internation Shrimp Harvesters will be focusing its total production on cultivation of salt water white shrimp native to Florida.

The European market is emerging as a more profitable area than the traditional U.S. and Japanese market. Live shrimp both for food and bait are even more profitable than frozen shrimp.

Marketing Plan:

The primary focus of the project will be live shrimp shipped daily by specially designed trucks throughout the state of Florida to central locations where smaller trucks will distribute to bait houses and specialty restaurants. Additionally distribution to the major North Eastern U.S. and European markets of live shrimp will be trucked to and shipped from Tampa International Airport (45 minutes away). Frozen shrimp (all other production above the fresh market demand) will be processed and packaged initially in St. Petersburg as value added product (peeled, breaded, portion packs etc.). A freezer-processing plant will eventually be constructed in or around the property.

The high protein shrimp meal by product produced from the heads & shells will be reutilized to mix with our own specially formulated shrimp feed.

Florida International Shrimp Harvesters will enter the market using a network of family ties of over fifty years in the seafood industry, i.e., Johns Pass Seafood Co., Inc., Alimentos Marinos Hondurenos S.A., & Booth Fisheries.

The company will market all of its products from the U.S. offices in Florida through the established network.

It is not a question of whether or not Florida International Shrimp Harvesters can sell its products, but a question of who the company wishes to sell its products to, i.e., Sara Lee, King & Prince Shrimp, Direct Seafood, Red Lobster, Hooter's etc. in the U.S., Japan and Europe.

Florida International Shrimp Harvesters