Project Outline

The purpose of Florida International Shrimp Harvesters, ("FISH") is to establish a vertically integrated prefabricated, modular, non-polluting, enclosed, intensive, shrimp farm complex.

The five profit centers that encompass this vertically integrated shrimp farm complex are: (1) Hatchery to produce seedstock (nauplii and postlarvae) and brood stock; (2) ponds and raceways (maturation of shrimp for human consumption and live bait); (3) feed for shrimp consumption; (4) processing and freezing; and (5) marketing.

The shrimp that will be raised are white shrimp (penaeus setiferus) a species native to Florida. The hatchery will supply the necessary specific pathogen free seed stock for the farming operation while also supplying additional farms in the State of Florida, Central and South America. The farming operation will supply the lucrative live bait industry within the State of Florida and certain highly profitable live food shrimp markets throughout the United States and select markets in Europe. Value added IQF processing and freezing will be implemented when the more profitable live shrimp market is saturated.

Due to the emerging technologies in farm management, water purification, hatchery design/production and function, in the coastal states has reaffirmed the company's convictions that successful shrimp farming for food and live bait for recreational sport fishing has now become feasible and extremely profitable.

From the past lessons learned in the shrimp farming industries it is becoming imminently apparent that the Tampa Bay area is ideally suited for the production of shrimp for bait and food. Texas, currently, is the largest producer of farm raised shrimp in the United States commanding approximately 80% of the market. This is due to the insight of the various institutions of higher learning within the state, including but not limited to the Texas A & M Mariculture Facility at Port Aransas and the Marine Science Institute at the University of Texas. Because of the body of knowledge that has come out of their successes and failures, Florida International Shrimp Harvesters is poised to capitalize on the emerging technologies to develop an industry that will be remarkably profitable. This creation of the shrimp farm complex has far reaching implications for the production of quality protein and for commercial benefit.

Florida International Shrimp Harvesters, presently owns the rights to several hundred acres of prime real estate ideally situated for shrimp farming in the Tampa Bay area. Considerable additional amounts of land suitable for the projects expansion can be obtained by the company when feasible. Overall, in excess of a thousand acres of suitable land for shrimp farming are available in the close proximity of the company's property.

To accomplish the objective, the phases are outlined as follows:


Finalize the acquisition or long term lease of 500 acres.

Note: A preliminary satisfactory sight evaluation for the first 100 hundred acres is complete. Approximately 65% (65 acres) will be the measurable raceway/pond area for the purposes of this stage of the project. The remainder of the acreage will support the infrastructure.

Purchase of all heavy equipment, modular laboratory, piping, pumps, backup generators, communications, computer systems and vehicular needs for the construction of the company's infrastructure.


Construction of raceway/ponds and greenhouse type enclosures for remaining land purchased under Phase One.

Construct the shrimp hatchery for the production of Specific Pathogen Free larvae for the use and sale by Florida International Shrimp Harvesters, and other contracted operations in the United Sates, Caribbean basin, Central and South America.


Construct value added freezer processing plant on acquired, purchased or leased land.


Market and sales of Prefabricated Modular Shrimp Farm Systems within the State of Florida and any other lucrative market identified.

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